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Nordic Cross County Championships 10th November, Vierumäki Finland

The biggest sports institute in Europe will arrange again high-level cross country competition together with Lahden Ahkera, Finnish Athletics Federation and Finnish Adult Sports Federation. 

The competition runs on the grass ground (golf course training area) in an international style. The length of one round is 1.5km

In Vierumäki all place of performances are close each other; hotel, restaurant, competition area, dressing room all within walking distance. Helsinki International Airport is just an 1hour 30min drive away.

In the same place, the Finnish national Championships was run 2017 with 1,300 competitors.

Registration and Entry fees
- Open race for children 11, 13, 15 year, 12€/person, REGISTRATION HERE
- Open race for adults, 15€/person, REGISTRATION HERE
- Nordic championship, Each country announce its team 
- Masters championship, 30€/person, REGISTRATION HERE

Vierumäki Resort Hotel address: Urheiluopistontie 400, 19120 Vierumäki, Finland. 
Prices starting at; single room 115€/night, double room 137€/night
Reservations; Leisure-service sales +358  300 870 113

Meals Vierumäki restaurants

- Resort & Kitchen (Vierumäki Resort Hotel) 7 - 10am, 13€/person 

Lunch buffet
- Resort & Kitchen 11 - 14pm, 18€/person 
- Restaurant Wanha Sali 11am - 4pm, 14€/person
- Greeni Shop & Cafe 12noon - 16pm, 10€/person

Dinner buffet
- Resort & Kitchen 17 - 22pm, 25€/person
- Restaurant Wanha Sali 17 - 20pm (Saturday), 16€/person
There is a 50% discount on meals for children aged 5–14

Vierumäki info and maps
Vierumäki area map                
Vierumäki 360 degree images                

Public transport

Arriving in Lahti (Helsinki intl. Airport – Lahti 126km)
Arriving in Vierumäki (Lahti-Vierumäki 26km)

Contact persons
Mr. Ville Hautala, General Secretary (and sales manager Vierumäki) +358 500 560 542

Mr. Hannu Nurminen, Competition Director +358 400 284 153 

Mr. Oki Vuonoranta, , Executive director, Finland Masters Athletics +358 441 1330

Information for Athletes

Competition office is located at Vierumäki Resort hotel lobby (map 45). At the competition office athletes will receive race number with pins. Open times; Saturday 15-21pv, Sunday 8am-15pm

Confirmation of attendance
The race number you have picked up, it is confirmation

You can park freely in Vierumäki area. No parking fee

Warming area
Warming freely in Vierumäki area. During the race warm up is forbidden on race track

Dressing rooms are located in Vierumäki Areena (map 44)

Toilets are located in Vierumäki Areena (map 44) and Vierumäki Resort hotel (map 45)

Competition outfit
- Pre-named national team runners will wear their country uniforms
- Nordic masters competitors have to use uniforms, where your country is clearly visible

Call-in open 20min before race, and closes 10min before race

Race course and profile can be found on the competition website (soon)

Prizes will be awarded according to a separate schedule approximately 40 minutes after each competition. 3 best runner will be rewarded

First aid is located near finish area